PSA: Mar 21, 2018 Coach's Challenge

  • Tune in each Wed for The Coach's Challenge. Skill. Strength. Stamina. All apply, one will outweigh the others. Time? Task?
  • Plz be mindful of private/semi private sessions taking place :-)
  • 7a & 3:30pm (max 8 athletes ea session)  We start at 7a & 3:30p (these private & semi private clients do not mind the "CrossFit energy" we bring). Plz do not ask to do other things.
  • Level I: D/L @ .75 BW
    Level II: D/L @ 1.5 BW
    Level III: D/L @ 2 x BW
    Level IV: D/L @ 2.5 x BW