PSA: Apr 1, 2018

  • I was asked by a Coaches Challenge athlete this past Wednesday "what is the objective of these challenges?"
  • There are a set of skills which will predict success in a broad range of physical endeavors.  
  • Categories are: The original list is what I've been pulling from, and an updated version now exists that I will be pulling from soon (if we continue to do this).
  • Why would we continue/not continue? Attendance. Our best attended challenge saw 8 athletes over two sessions in one day. We often have one or two, and have had as few as zero show up!
  • We were attempting to give you more. Another session per week. A movement(s) we can't typically program during the regular sessions. A challenge to step out of your comfort zone...
  • Go to the MaxFit Campbell Facebook page to catch a glimpse of what we're thinking of doing moving forward...